Pin It or Purge It: Can a Dryer Sheet Clean An Iron?


In today’s Pin It or Purge It, I take on the challenge of attempting to clean my iron with a dryer sheet. I was excited to stumble upon this Pin from RealSimple for Surprising Cleaning New Uses: More Tricks to Get Your House Sparkling in No Time! My husband had been complaining that the iron [...]

A Sparkling Bathroom in 5 Minutes!

Sparkling bathroom

Sometimes we think cleaning has to be scheduled and that there isn’t time to set aside a big block of time for cleaning. Try these simple tasks just 5 minutes at a time, and that bathroom will be sparkling clean all the time! 5 Minutes Put dirty clothes in the hamper (1 minute) Keep a [...]

Indoor Bike Racks


With garage space being a premium, or non-existent, especially for apartment dwellers, bikes can be hard to store to keep them accessible but not in the way, as well as secure, so they are not stolen. Space Savers These top 3 bike parking racks we have found are great because they allow for easy access [...]

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Eliminate Toilet Paper Outages


The words echo from a Seinfeld episode of Elaine calling out from the bathroom stall, “Can you spare a square?” Almost everyone has experienced at some point being stuck on the Royal Throne and out of toilet tissue. Eliminate this awkward moment for yourself and your houseguests with one of these 3 handy storage tools [...]

Coat Check!

coat closet

When was the last time you really took a look inside your Entryway “Coat Closet”? Take just 5 minutes to go through the closet and try these few things: 1. Do the coats still fit? If they don’t, donate it or bless a friend. (Make sure to check those pockets for money and other items [...]